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So you’re a budding entrepreneur, a freelancer, a careerist, a job juggler, a mom working from home or a corporate escapee looking to strike out on your own—but you're struggling to balance everything while still enjoying your life.


Is that even possible? You bet it is.


You're High Voltage

You have big plans, big ideas, and big drive.

You’re intense. You want it all.

You love your work. You love your family and your friends. You love your hobbies and exercise routine. You love helping out your community.

You might want to have a kick-ass business while having the perfect relationship others envy; while being the coolest mom, the go-to sister, the always available daughter, the best friend and the esteemed artist; AND a revered volunteer community developer, networking diva; etc.—but it’s not quite working out that way.

You might dream of spending your “free” time doing yoga, running, going to music festivals, hanging at the coffee shop, crafting, making art, going to the movies, traveling—but there just isn’t time.


You've Had a Power Outage

You know what you want but are struggling with how to get where you want to be without burying yourself in overwhelm and slowly losing yourself in the process. You have high potential but are stuck in a fog of too much to do and never getting to do what you really want. You need support, accountability, and help sorting through all your ideas and obstacles so you can get moving with creating and LIVING your ideal life while maintaining a thriving business.

You’re self-motivated and know you can do it, if you just had the time (or resources, connections, courage, you-name-it).

But, you need a plan, some guidance and validation, and quite possibly a significant breakthrough.


You're Looking for a Jump Start

I work with women entrepreneurs and careerists who are motivated self-starters but are stuck and loaded down with personal and professional obligations, and want to jump off the stifling and suffocating hamster wheel they've been spinning on so they can actually enjoy the life they work so hard to have.

I'll be honest. I'm selective about who I work with. But, it doesn’t matter to me what field you’re in, where you came from or where you want to go, what matters is how committed you are to getting there and how willing you are to ignite change that sustains and serves your core purposes in life.

My ideal clients are women who are smart, compassionate, a little (or a lot) unconventional, and want to rock their lives and their careers—but who respect themselves enough to be open to challenge their thinking and make incremental shifts in behavior so they can move forward with more confidence and create the lasting change they want. They're sick of the status quo, sick of being exhausted, sick of compromising themselves for everyone and everything else, and READY to get back to (or find) what really powers and electrifies them.


You've Got High Powering Potential

If that sounds like you, take your commitment and move into action. Head over to the Powering Potential form, fill it out and click "Submit." I'll check it out within 2 business days and get an idea if we’re a good match to power your possible together. If we are, I’ll let you know and you’ll go ahead and purchase the Power Pack that works for you. In your very first session we’ll start systematically looking at what’s working for you and what’s not and start getting you in a plan that feels good to you so you can ignite your next phase right away.

If we're not a good match, I'll let you know that too and try to provide a resource that could help you see your goals through.

I want to help you love your life and your career so you don’t feel like one or the other is taking over and you can live your life in a way you cherish instead of resent.

But here’s the thing—there’s no quick fix, so I don’t do one-off coaching sessions. We need to get to know each other and get into a flow that supports your goals. I need to understand your vision to help you move forward with integrity. Typically speaking, I’ve found that 3 months is the amount of time it typically takes for most people to start to see significant progress and the fruits of their labor. Some people are able to complete a goal in this time period and others are just scratching the surface. It depends on your circumstances, where you want to go and what your objectives are. For most people who have significant goals to achieve, obstacles to overcome and lots of change to make, a commitment of up to 6 months of coaching is profoundly life-changing.


I Can Help You Find and Charge Your Power Source

When you work with me, you have the opportunity to have an impartial party to bounce ideas off of, unload, re-energize, and partner with. For individuals, solopreneurs and micro-business owners who are often working alone, in a vacuum, this is absolutely invaluable. How many times have you had a light bulb moment just by talking it out with someone? Yet when you’re working alone, you tend to only see one side of things which completely causes you to miss out on a lot of other options, one of which could completely set you on fire (in a good way!).

So here’s what we do in the co-creative coaching process:

First, we look at what’s working—all the good stuff you want to keep, grow and love on some more. Then, we look at what’s not working—all the yuck you’d rather do without but feel stuck with. I’ll ask you the tough questions that perhaps no one else will, but I'll listen with an unbiased ear (after all, this is not about my life, it’s about yours, so I’m in YOUR corner helping you get what you want, in a way that works for you). After we sort through all that, and figure out what’s really holding you back and keeping you stuck, we’ll start to unpack and redecorate, so to speak. We’ll sort your goals into priorities and doable chunks and come up with a plan of action to make them actually happen in a way that works for you. Our focus will be how to achieve your goals while eliminating stress. And, we’ll figure out what really makes you tick and make sure you have enough good stuff to recharge your own power source so you don’t peter out or give up. We’ll identify the resources you need to be successful with your career or business and not have to skimp on your life. We'll map out your projects and plans and figure out the best course of action to see them through successfully, while paying close attention so you remain inspired and interested throughout the process. If you lose steam, we’ll assess why and chart the next course of action. Either way, we’ll work closely and compassionately get you to where you want to be, in a way that you actually feel good about. How’s that sound?


Get POWERED here!



Past workshops
October 2011: Clearing the Chaos


Private Coaching

Plugged-In Power Pack • Six 1-hour sessions

A steady current of motivation, accountability and support

Who’s it for? Those looking to creating significant change in their life/career balance, project planning and launch, start-up business planning, etc.
up to 3 months

One payment of $960 or two payments of $480, half billed upon purchase, half billed after 30 days




Atomic Power Pack • Nine 1-hour sessions

A full-force powerhouse to charge you and your business so you can thrive (instead of just survive), for the long-term

Who’s it for? Big change artists wanting a substantial makeover in life or business, long-term support in project planning and development for personal or business endeavors, small or micro-business setup support, etc.
up to 6 months

One payment of $1125 or 3 payments of $375 billed every 30 days for 3 months




I really want to be sure that we are a good match to work together so we both get the most out of the experience and you feel confident that you are making a wise investment. To honor that, if you are interested in working with me, please fill out this Powering Potential form so we can test our current.

If you have any questions, email me.


**Individual follow-up discounted coaching sessions are available for clients who complete any of the Packs.
Follow-up sessions:
1 hour: $100  |  Half hour: $60

**Power Packs beyond 9 sessions are purchased at a rate of $100/hr. Please inquire if you are interested in a coaching package that exceeds 6 months.


100% Money Back Guarantee

I am committed to your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with my services, a 100% money back guarantee is available to you.

If after your first coaching session, you feel that it is not a good fit for you, you may cancel your agreement for a 100% pro-rated refund, deducting the cost of your first session. Scheduling a second session assumes you are in agreement and will void any refund upon cancellation. Agreement cancellations must be in writing and delivered to my email within 3 days of your first session. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process.