About Powering Possible


Find it. Claim it. Power it.

Powering Possible™ is about putting conscious, committed energy behind your deepest mission and making it actually happen, without compromising your VITAL physical and emotional needs.

It's about fully experiencing the passions of your life and work and owning them with CONVICTION, loving them like a mother for a newborn, and defending them with starry-eyed naivete of a teenager.

It's about taking your big idea—your MISSION—and letting it spark, ignite and explode into greatness in a way that keeps you pumped, energized and excited, not exhausted, angry or resentful.

It's about putting some oomph behind your most revered and often buried TRUTHS, and sharing your unique gifts with the world so that you can feel satiated and alive instead of stagnant and grasping.

As a professional woman, it's about doing all this while keeping your SANITY, actually loving your life, and charging the generator that drives your passion for your greater purpose, so you don't crash and burn.


Powering Possible is for you if:

  • You're fully committed to your business or career but really want to enjoy the life that you work so hard to have
  • You feel empty or unmotivated because you haven't achieved what you REALLY want since you're so busy with other obligations that come first
  • Not sure what you want, but know what you have isn't doing it for you
  • You're in burnout mode or coasting in survival mode and know something needs to change
  • You're tired of feeling guilty, resentful or angry because you're being pulled in so many directions
  • You want more of this and less of that but it feels impossible to tip the scales
  • You have a big idea, mission or passion project that's been knocking around in your head or on scraps of paper for years, but you can't quite make it happen because you have too many other obligations in the way
  • Stagnation and Groundhog Day Syndrome are eating away at you


  • You believe you have the ability to take ownership and shift things to a better balance
  • You want and need support, motivation and accountability to keep you going
  • You're willing to take a compassionate approach to out-of-the-box transformational thinking
  • You're ready to move forward but don't know where to start

If this sounds like you, see how you can make it happen.


About Susan Falcone

The short version

Susan FalconeAt one time I was burned out, overworked and physically sick due to my dedication as a valued and talented employee, and again later as an entrepreneur. I was exhausted, resentful and creatively stifled as my home-based business took over my life. My personal time, hobbies and friends slowly disappeared as I pushed harder and harder to build my design business and meet the responsibilities of family life. At the same time, I was watching other entrepreneurial women also desperately fighting the overwhelm of endless obligations to their career and family, as they lost the essence of themselves in the process.

After my third and most serious burnout, I stopped the cycle and created a new way of interweaving my personal life with entrepreneurship so that I am more excited and inspired by my work and can still enjoy my life. Now, I help other women overcome the same types of obstacles by helping them avoid overwhelm and stop pushing themselves so hard, so they can stop endlessly juggling a million things at once and rightfully claim, embrace and actually enjoy the amazing fullness of life that they so passionately work for and deserve.

The longer version

In a nutshell, before I was a thriving coach, I was a burned out employee. After six years of being overworked and underpaid as a graphic designer in the advertising and marketing industry, I set out to claim independence through self-employment. So, in 2000 I quit my job and opened my own graphic design agency. Within a few years of the initial bliss of transitioning from the bondage of working for someone else, I blindly and voluntarily enslaved myself to my own business. I literally worked myself sick. I worked myself into resentment, isolation and fatigue. I went from eating, sleeping and breathing my love for design, to being creativity stifled and frustrated. The more I worked, the more alone I was. Little by little I gave up everything—including my friends and my hobbies—for my work. I was financially successful and emotionally and physically exhausted.

When I realized I couldn't live out the rest of my life like this, I went soul diving for a few years to figure out what I really wanted to "do." I knew I needed to work with people again, but years of isolation creates fear. Because of that, I really felt like I had nothing to offer, when in fact I have a gold mine of knowledge to share and help people. After some intense inner work, I decided to complete my coaching certification.

Then, I created a long-term plan and set things in motion so I could transition careers. It's very frightening to give up a 17-year career that you know like the back of your hand, in order to forge ahead into the unknown. I had lots of new stuff to learn about—a new business model and new ways of doing things. It's also a very scary prospect to remain financially stable while being self-sustaining, switching careers and nursing severe health conditions that are costly. So, I did it the slow way— incrementally transitioning and sacrificing until the time was right to cut the cord with a career that drained me.

During those couple of years of soul diving, I was still pushing too hard to move things forward. After yet another burnout, I eventually learned to wholeheartedly practice the art of self-compassion—treating myself as well as I would treat any loved one or stranger. This was pivotal in embracing change. I simply will not let myself get to the point of burnout again. It's not worth the cost to me.

At the same time, I was engaged in a grueling duel with the universe to understand why I have been physically unhealthy since birth. Man, was it a fight. Lots of fist pumping, screaming and "why me" going on. But, taking on that conscious fight really propelled me forward and helped me understand my physical limitations in light of the new paradigm I was creating for myself.

Recently, I have come to embrace my health issues and accept the gifts they offer instead of just resenting the limitations they pose. This is much easier said then done and some days are better than others. Still, I choose to not resent or fight against it anymore, while still having hope for healing. Living in a challenging body has helped to shape the empathy, compassion and perspective I bring to the work I do with my coaching clients. How could I not be grateful for that?

Starting over isn't easy. Matter of fact, it's often gut wrenching and it takes a long time to make big, gigantic, lasting change. At times I was absolutely filled with fear and panic, but my commitment to changing my life kept me going. The pain of staying where I was was greater than the fear of moving forward, so I saw it through. Had I not, I would not have the gift of serving the people I do today.

It doesn't need to be so overwhelming. I learned to power instead of push. I learned to develop systems to help make it sane for myself. If I can do it with my physical limitations, the average person can likely do it better. You're in control of the choices you make, regardless of your limitations.

Thankfully, my strongest skills are in communicating, goal planning, organizing and implementing. I created a plan, communicated it with those in my inner circle, and made it happen.

I cut back on my design work while I coached part-time and created a consulting business to bridge the gap. So now I have three businesses, but I work less and am a lot happier. My commitment to creating change made it happen, and I can help you get to where you want to be too.

The eight years I spent digging deep—pulling apart the nuances of what I was doing and why—taught me a lot of things.

As a professional, self-employed woman that suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I eventually learned how to implement and enforce boundaries. I learned to say "no" and not feel guilty. I learned to protect my energy at all costs. I identified and learned to respect my loyalty code. I nurture myself so that I can better serve my family, my work and you. I learned what "balance" means to me and what I need to do to achieve it on a daily basis. I learned to work to thrive instead of just survive. I've created an exceptional life that's powered by a career and life choices that energize me.

There's passion in my work again and I can give it the fullness of my gifts, as I choose to live with purpose, compassion and grace. And the best part is I get to partner with you so that you can get what you want out of life too. The transformation I've made in my life exceeds far beyond me, and for that I'm grateful too.

Now, I'm dying to know what "powering possible" means to you...


Random stuff about me:

  • I'm the middle child and the only girl.
  • I admit, I'm originally from New Jersey, but I didn't live near an exit, so I never got the joke.
  • I'm mostly gluten-free, not by choice.
  • My best friend has hair down to her knees.
  • I have only 3 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, thanks to my long-haired friend.
  • I dabble in genealogy and am third generation American.
  • I love roller coasters.
  • I graduated Summa Cum Laude, third in my class, from the only all women's art college in the U.S.
  • I've learned a lot about life and business thanks to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • I owned my own graphic design agency for over 10 years and still dabble.
  • I survived sexual abuse, of the church kind.
  • I love music and movies from the 40's.
  • I'm an obsessive list maker. If I do something that's not on the list, I write it on there just so I have the satisfaction of crossing it off.
  • Love my yoga. I'm naturally flexible (in some directions).
  • I secretly always wanted to own and run a cool, beatnik coffee shop, though I realize in reality, it's probably less fun than in my imagination.
  • Every time I've taken the Meyer-Briggs test, I am so balanced down the middle that they make me choose sides.
  • I'm a certified Reiki Master of the Usui lineage.
  • I'd love to learn more about astrology (Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising).
  • I was unmarried twice and I'm not bitter.
  • I'm pretty witty. At least I think so. I love me some good old-fashioned banter.
  • I'm a recovering perfectionist, daily practicing self-compassion. That's an oxymoron.